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  1. Lyndah Malloy-Glover (@nbalance2) says:

    Hi Angela,

    As I read your piece I thought of the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you … not as random acts but intentional acts of kindness, gratitude, respect. And we all know that actions speak louder than words. Lead by example … awesome … I agree, we don’t have to be THE LEADER to lead.

    Excellent post,


    • Angela Goodeve says:

      Yes, that’s right Lyndah, if we truly lived by the golden rule, the world would be a much better place, and we would have many more people who embrace themselves as a true leader in their own lives.


      Ang :-)

  2. Dawn Howard Weaver says:

    Hi Ang,

    I have heard from more people over the past few years as I coached them that they wanted to live from a heart-centered space. They believed it was the leader in their life and I do as well. I agree when we live from our heart and from love and compassion we are truly living from who we are and have always been.

    When I did Landmark Education several years ago they embarked upon this theory – to develop the leader within from a truly inspired place.

    Thank you for this – heart warming and inspiring.


    Dawn Weaver

    • Angela Goodeve says:

      Dawn, it is great to hear that other organizations are embracing these concepts…now the mission is to find a way to make this approach a regular part of both our personal and corporate lives!

      #HRockstars follows these principles…check the community out on Google +!!

      Love and Blessings,

      Ang :-)

  3. Lily-Ann MacDonald says:

    Hi, Ang …

    I absolutely agree that there is a huge difference between Leaders and Leadership. In my career, I’ve actually have a lot of experience with wonderful Leaders who didn’t have a title … because in my many years with the Coast Guard, lots of my colleagues proved themselves to be natural Leaders – in fact, it’s almost essential to the job. Everyone in the Coast Guard family is passionate about their work and the contribution each one makes, and most don’t hesitate to go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver whatever is needed.

    But I’ve also had the privileged of reporting to a number superiors who were inspired Leaders, even from behind their desk – so I guess it all depends on the person and the culture of the workplace.

    This was a terrific article, and reading it has made me a bit nostalgic for my peeps – now that I’m retired, I sure do miss their positive energy.


    • Lily-Ann MacDonald says:

      … ack! Sorry for all the grammatical errors – my 6 month old puppy was helping me type in a most insistent manner, and hasn’t quite mastered the keyboard yet!


    • Angela Goodeve says:

      That is so wonderful to hear Lily-Ann! Unfortunately my experience was quite the opposite until I entered the field of Life Coaching.

      The experience I have had with people who take the authoritative, non-communicative approach has made me even more passionate about getting the word out about how much easier it can be to run a business…and our lives if we come from a place of love and empowerment!

      Thanks for being YOU!

      Ang :-)

  4. Renata says:

    We have an opportunity to lead in every role and every day in our lives, as parents, spouses, partners, employees and employers. This is a good reminder of it!

    • Angela Goodeve says:

      Yes we do Renata! Every word, action, and interaction has an impact on ourselves and others…may we always remember this and use a heart-centred approach!

      Ang :-)

  5. Catriona Futter says:

    Hi Ang
    I was encouraged and inspired by your article – inspired because it is always good to be reminded of the importance of acts of kindness, and encouraged to hear you talking about this kind of leadership. In many ways, it is such an obvious thing to do – you recognise and encourage the strengths in others, affirm them for who they are, and bring out the best in them and your team works at its best. But sadly, this does not seem to be obvious in many work places, and often affirming and encouraging folk feels like swimming against the tide. But thank you for the challenge, and may more of us chose to live and lead like this.

  6. Carrie Arnold says:

    Your post reminds me that we need to approach leadership from a learn and serve mindset. If you are learning and serving there is no room for ego. It literally cannot share the same space as a mind set focused on learn and serve! Thanks for your post

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